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Hill Farrance Tina

Colour:  Solid Black
Tag:  Y 0001
IAR:  66306
DOB:  27/10/2003
Sire:  Kurrawa Bronson - (Solid Black)
Dam: Hill Farrance Mahalia - (Solid Black)

Tina is from our select herd of solid black breeding females. Her lovely jet black fleece (which is in demand by home spinners & weavers) has a beautiful soft handle. Tina is at the beginning of her breeding life and has proven fertility.  SOLD
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Waimarie Farm Cameo

Colour:  Solid White
Tag:  Z 007
IAR:  81091
DOB:  14/11/2004
Sire:  Kaihere Ven-Chura
Dam: Somerset Peruvian Blancita

Born in 2004, Cameo is one of our breeding females with dense white fleece. She is currently pregnant to our fantastic white Sire Forestglen Tarquin ET and is due to birth in Jnauary 2011.             SOLD
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Waimarie Farm Ellie

Colour:  Solid White
Tag:  Y 010
IAR:  70271
DOB:  30/06/2003
Sire:  Kaihere Accoyo Spartacus (Solid White)
Dam: Somerset Peruvian Lady Else (Solid White)

Ellie is a well proportioned young breeding female with a very dense white fleece. She is currently pregnant to Forestglen Rameses, a well built male with a strong frame and excellent conformation. We are expecting this mating to produce a solid white cria with a fine, soft handling and luxurious dense fleece.                                                                                                                                         SOLD
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Waimarie Farm Maupuia

Colour:  Solid Black
Tag:  A 001
IAR:  81093
DOB:  20/03/2005
Sire:  Kaihere Peruvian Maximo
Dam: Far North Spirit

The moment Maupuia was born we knew she was something special - she has the most beautiful fleece which is a rich dark charcoal colour. She is registered as a solid dark brown but in fact she is a solid black. Even in the very early stages of life we could see the shine and luster in her fleece.
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We have a selection of young alpaca boys which will make great family pets. They are very easy care animals and are fun to have around. Most can be halter trained and taken for walks. You will need two so they can keep each other company. These young boys can be purchased from 6 months of age (some are ready for new homes now) and are sold on the condition that they are castrated when they are of an age to do so (approx 12 months).

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