Turn you fibre into fabric in minutes

We are very excited to announce that our new commercial needle felting machine, the first FeltLOOM™ in New Zealand, has arrived and will redefine Fibre Art. It will enable a person to have their own fabric made quickly using their own fibre with chosen colors, textures, and designs. Our FeltLoom provides choices that we have never had before and it allows instant creative gratification.

The process:
The pre-made batt is placed on top of the feltloom table and the design (if require) is positioned on top of the fibres which are then pushed to the rollers and let go through the needles. The felting needles move up and down and the felting process has started to create the fabric and you will see your own design taking shape immediately.

It's that simple - and it is dry - no wet messy hands every again !

The felted material can then be used to make into items such as jackets, scarves, hats, bags, rugs, blankets, coasters, cushion covers and a range of other innovative products.

The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination. The felted material, which will not unravel, can be cut and sewn for high-fashion garments or other uses.

It does not require traditional spinning and weaving to make fabric. The traditional fibre artist can take weeks to make items from scratch. Unlike prior fabric making, a jacket can now be made in an afternoon, including making the fabric and sewing it together.

The process takes just half an hour to make a scarf, and enables you to see the results of your ideas instantly. It is easier, quicker and more versatile than any other form of felt making.

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We are the manufacturer's exclusive New Zealand agents - so contact us today if you are interested in purchasing one of these wonderful looms.

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Here are some examples of items which can be made using fabric produced by our FeltLOOM.

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The possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination.

Child's jacket


Lady's jacket

Long coat

Decoration on felted hats

Bed throw

Child's jacket

Wall hanging

Children's cushions