Feltloom Processing Information

A minimum amount of vegetation will give you a more desirable fabric for garment items. As with any fibre we run through our feltLoom, "excess" vegetation is not acceptable.

The process of felting on our Feltloom requires a premade batt (these can be made by any person who specialises in carding and has a batt drum - or we can arrange with local carders to do this for you) and the size will depend on the size of the drum. Batts can be joined together for a longer and/or wider piece of fabric should this be needed.

If the drum makes a (1mts x 60cm) small batt and the end product is to be a garment, the ideal weight for each of your felting batts would be either 150gms or 200gm of fleece  depending on the "feel" of the fibre you start with and how much embellishment you wish to add on top which will be felted into, and become part of, the fabric.

A soft handling 300gm (1mtr x 60cms) small batt comes out thicker and more rigid (but still feels beautifully soft to the touch) which is ideal for coats or heavier jackets.

The fleece weights below are based on a (1mtr x 60cm) small batt but of course if the drum is larger it will make a bigger batt therefore a larger quantity of fleece will be required to get the same feel.

Soft handling Fleeces: Ideally I like to use a 150gm small batt (if a pattern is to be added on top) or a 200 gm small batt if straight colour is used (ie: no added decoration). This makes a gorgeous soft felted fabric.

Medium handling Fleeces: 150 - 300gm small batts depending on end product usage. Makes a nice soft fabric with endless possibilities.

Coarse handling Fleeces: 200 - 300gm small batts. Makes wonderful place mats, inner soles for shoes or boots etc.

Felting Prices:

  • Minimum charge - $10.00 + gst per batt
  • Small Batts (1mtr x 60cms) Needle felting only   - $10.00 + gst per batt
  • Needle felting with added supplied embellishments (making your fabric unique)   - $15.00 + gst per small batt
  • Larger Batts - (Width up to 1.5 Mtrs) Needle Felting only - $10.00 + gst per 1 metre length (Charged to the nearest half metre length)
  • Larger Batts with added supplied embellishments (making you fabric unique) - $15.00 + gst per 1 metre lengths (Charged to the nearest half metre length)

Pre-Made Needle Felted Fabric:

  • Needle Felted Fabric (Approx 1 metre x 60 cms)   - $20.00 to $50.00 + gst each (depending on decoration and weight)

Delivery: The cost of delivery will vary according to the destination. New Zealand Post charges in relation to the size of the parcel rather than the actual weight.

If picking up personally, please phone ahead and arrange a time.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements or any purchases.

Prices may change without notice.