Alpacas For Sale

We can offer you the highest quality Huacaya alpacas for purchase. Unless you are purchasing alpacas as pets, our advice is to set your goals on the best quality animal you can afford. Colour is very much a personal thing depending on what you intend to do with your fleeces. Breed is also another choice you will have to make - suri or huacaya.

Suri - The rarer of the two breeds, the suri is distinguished by its long silky fibre that grows parallel to the body and hangs in long distinctive pencil locks. The suri make up only about 5% of the world's alpaca population.

Huacaya - The huacaya is characterised by a thick dense fleece growing perpendicularly from the body. The fibre has a soft handle, brightness of sheen and frequently has a defined crimp throughout the blanket area.

We have over 100 alpacas on our property (of all colours) and we cannot list all animals for sale on this web site and we are confident that we will have the animal which is right for you at the price you wish to pay - Just ask

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Special sale

We now have Alpacas on the Move at Sale Prices: A special sale of pregnant females (some with cria at foot), young females, young males, herd sires, wethers, and package deals.

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Important Notes:

  • Waimarie Alpaca Farm is Tb free and has a C 10 status - we are part of a voluntary Tb scheme.
  • All Waimarie alpacas are Vet checked upon sale and we offer a full after sales service. Agistment is also offered, so if you have not yet organized your property, we can look after your alpacas and start your breeding programme until you are ready to take delivery.
  • All breeding animals are sold subject to a thorough independent veterinary check for health and soundness. All breeding stock males and females are sold with a fertility guarantee and pregnant females with promise of a live birth or free return service.
  • All prices quoted are inclusive of health certification, confirmation of pregnancy by ultrasound for pregnant females, free delivery and all costs relating to transfer on the IAR for registered animals.
  • If what you are looking for isn't on our sales page, please contact us as we have more animals available.