Our Shop - The Alpaca Cottage

Located on farm (view map showing how to find us) the Waimarie Alpaca shop offers a large selection of knitted and felted garments, gifts, knitting yarns, (either 100% alpaca) scarves, socks, cot blankets, knitted toys, felted Children's Wall Hangings, Cushion Covers and an assortment of fluffy soft toys.




We also have fleece for sale, in its raw state or carded ready for spinning. Alpaca fleece comes in 22 natural colours and our shop offers garments in a selection of natural and dyed colours.


Alpaca fibre is considered to be one of the world's finest natural materials. It is a rare specialty fibre, warm, lightweight and incredibly soft. It is comparable to cashmere in its fineness and is similar to mohair in its strength. The structure of alpaca fibre gives products made from pure alpaca amazing thermal and water-resistant properties.

Its superb handle, lustre and silky feel ensures it is much sought after in Europe, Asia and the USA for use in high quality knitwear and textiles.

Alpaca fibre does not contain lanolin (which sheep wool does) and is a hand spinner's delight. Some spinners have been known to purchase alpacas as pets to be assured of a continued supply of high quality fibre.

It occurs in a large number of natural colours, ranging from jet black to pure white with shades of fawns, browns, greys in between. It can be blended with wool, mohair, silk or other fibres and can be dyed if desired.

Farm Tours:

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