Alpaca Products for Sale: Adult Apparel



At Waimarie Alpacas, using our wonderful FeltLOOM and our weaving loom, we make a variety of uniquely designed apparel for adults:

Ladies Scarves and Shawls

Unique felted and woven Scarves and Shawls made in Hawkes Bay using New Zealand alpaca fibre. Each item is made as a one-off but
we can make one similar for you - The size and price are shown beside each scarf or shawl and do not include the model or any other
clothing which appear in the photo


More shawls & scarves to come - Sold out of current stock


Women's Hats

Unique knitted and then felted women's hats made in Hawkes Bay using New Zealand alpaca fibre. Each item is made as a one-off
but we can make one similar for you. Some of the hats can be worn with the brim up or down which creats two different looks using
the same hat.

PRICE: $65.00 each

NOTE: My hats are very very popular and sell so fast that I usually do not have time to take photos and get the pictures on my website 
befoer they are purchased - so if you want the best selection, call in and see the whole range - I am making more hats all the time so
if you have a special colour or design in mind maybe I have already made it and it is sitting in my shop at home or I could make it for you 

Call in - We would love to see you  



Hat #5

Hat #7  SOLD

Hat #15

Hat #29

Hat #34

Hat #37

Hat #44

Hat #45


Hat #47 SOLD

Hat #48 SOLD

Hat #53

Hat #54 SOLD

Hat #58

Hat #66

Hat #67 SOLD

Hat #84

Hat #86

Hat #93

Hat #98 SOLD

Hat #102

Hat #118

Hat #121

Hat #123

Hat #131 Black hat with multi grey/fawn band & black flower - This hat is worn slightly to one side

Hat #136

Hat #138

Hat #143

Hat #147 SOLD

Hay #149

Hat #153

Hat #157

Hat #158 SOLD

Hat #159

Hat #161 Dark blue hat

Hat #162 Black hat SOLD

Hat #163

Hat #164 

Hat #165


Hat #166

Hat #167 SOLD

Hat #168 SOLD
Hat #169 SOLD

Hat #170 SOLD

Hat #171 SOLD

Back of Hat #171
Hat #172
Hat #173

Hat #174

Hat #175

Hat #176

Hat #177


All in One Hat & Scarf Sets 


This unique hat ans scarf is knitted as an "All in One" piece with the scarf knitted into the both sides of the hat. So cosy to wear - Pop a hat on and tie the scarf up and you are ready to go out in the cold. Made from alpaca boucle yarn this hat is available in various colours          Price $25.00 each



Random Dyed Blues SOLD               Random Dyed Pinks/Blues                  Maroon    SOLD                                  Pink     SOLD


White      SOLD                                Randon Dyed Greens/Oranges                      Green SOLD                                                      Black   SOLD


Hat & Scarf Set

This 2 piece hat and scarf set is available in various colours - the photo shows the orange/green/fawn set made in alpaca boucle yarn. Very cosy to wear

 Price $60.00 for the 2 piece set        







These throws are made from 100% alpaca and each one is unique. We can make any colour or pattern for you The price of the rugs shown here are $165.00 each and measure approx 1.5 x 1.75 mtrs - My rugs/blankets are selling very fast - too fast for me to get photos up on my web site - I have recently sold a pink with a blue pattern, two blue rugs and a further green one (photos os these never made it to the website) 


Pink throw rug with white flowers

Bright pink throw rug with silk decoration

Blue throw rug with blue silk decoration

White rug with pink feathers


Close up of silk/merino decoration on
White rug

Blue blanket "shot" with pink


  Green Rug with white threads            Green Rug with Dark Green silk pattern
                       SOLD                                             SOLD


Fabric and Accessories

The follow are examples of patterns and designs which I have put on some fabric I have felted recently. All the patterns below were put
across the corners or on the top portion of the 1.5 x 2 metre grey alpaca blanket. 
Of course, any design or pattern can be added - just ask - these are just a few of the ideas I have in my head !!







These brooches are lovely to look at and lovely to wear - They make any outfit look just that little bit more special - Wear them on your clothes or add them to a hat, handbag or a scarf  - They measure approx 3 inches across and are made of 100% NZ Alpaca with added beads in the centre

$20.00 Each         




Black Brooch                                  Blue Brooch                                   Yellow Brooch                          Blue/Green Brooch
SOLD                                                                                                        SOLD                                         SOLD


Smiley Face Brooch                   Pink Brooch                                        Navy/Blue Brooch
                                                       SOLD                                                    SOLD                         








                               Allows your feet to breathe naturally
                                Use in warm or cool temperatures
                                   Ease tired aching feet and legs
                                     Keeps your keep fresh & dry
                                       Comfortable all year round
                                        Durable and hardwearing
                                         Helps reduce foot odour
                                           Trim to fit if necessary

      Washable and made of 100% NZ Alpaca with protective backing

                                          Price $15.00 Pair